Lab Washer
• Cleaner
• More Efficient 
• More Compliant
• Safer
• More Reassuring
Baye Smart | Lab Washer
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It has a whole industrial chain production base and automated processing technology, and full link produc-tion capacity, which realizes a highly autonomous production and processing, and provides source guarantee for the stable operation of terminal equipment.
Production of the whole industrial chain
We have a group of highly skilled talents. Adhering to the R&D spirit of excellence and the product concept of pursuing excellence, we build a world-class lab washer with professional standards.
Research and development design for excellence
Baye Smart lab washer products have passed the international recognized testing and certification orga-nization——SGS test, as well as the IEC60068 operation stability test, which have the excellent stability.
Stability test of international authorities
The analytical cleanliness standard can meet the strict requirements of pharmaceutical laborato-ries and the cleanliness requirements of trace analysis experiments in other industries.
Cleaning effect reaches the analytical cleanliness standard
New class 5A standard for laboratory washing
A1 Cleaner, the cleaning result reaches ppb level
A2 More efficient, increasing efficiency by 30% and reducing energy consumption by 40%
A3 More compliant and meet the new standard of cleaning verification
A4 Safer, with 4 major security architectures and 16 security protection measures
A5 More reassuring and passed the operation stability certification of international authoritative organizations
New class 5A standard for laboratory washing
To be a world-class laboratory cleaning solution provider!
Baye Smart Future Technology Co., Ltd. is invested and established by Hanon Group (stock code: 430476), a scientific instrument service provider. It is a special and new enterprise specializing in the whole industrial chain mode integrating product design, R&D, production and sales capabilities. It has international certification qualifications such as CE, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001, and is a professional provider of automatic washing equipment in laboratories.
Build the cornerstone of scientific research and help science and technology upgrade!
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